Hotel and Attractions

Hotel LOMNISTA, along with its cottage settlement, is located near the picturesque village of
Jasenie in the Brezno district, amidst the beautiful and wide slopes of the Low Tatras. On all
sides, it is surrounded by dense coniferous and deciduous forests that give it a special charm.
Thanks to the green and the altitude of 600 m there is clean and fresh mountain air, relatively
warm and humid alpine climate. The location and the mountain range make it possible to
spend hiking and leisure time on the hillside of Chabenec at a height of 1955 m above sea
level. Lomnista valley passes the partisan way, at the end of which is Asmolov’s memorial
room and monument to Jan Sverm. Approximately 15 km from the hotel, there is the
Krpacovo resort, which offers not only the possibility of summer swimming in a natural
reservoir, but also winter skiing in the ski resort. Near the Krpacovo (about 5 km) is another
famous tourist centre Tale with a unique 18-hole golf course in Slovakia. Skiers can use many
quality ski lifts in winter such as Tale, Myto pod Dumbierom or Chopok. Bystrianska dolina is also beautiful and is suitable for easier and medium tourism. In the valley, hidden Bystrianska Cave is known for its beneficial effects on the treatment of lung diseases. Another interesting region of the Horehron region is Cernohronska zeleznicka, which passes through the villages of Cierny Balog and Hronec. Driving in open wagons with picturesque countryside is an attraction especially for children.