Skiing trips

Each of our Skiing trips includes not just accommodation (breakfast, 2x box lunch, lunch,
dinner), all-day drinking regime, recreational fee but also the option of 1 adult for 10 children
for free and little attention for all children involved.
We know that ski lessons are often challenging to provide training expertise and we would
therefore like to offer you the assistance in the form of our skilful ski instructors who will
take care of quality skis on the ski slope. The price for the instructor is on the agreement.
If you have a problem with the shuttle service for your buses, we will arrange it. We will also
provide qualified medical officer, if it is necessary.
For every 10 pupils 1 free pedagogue, for pupils 1x free Jacuzzi, free table tennis, billiards,
disco room with the camera + another bonus when you buy the PREMIUM package.
PREMIUM package
Do you want your school to become more attractive? Take the opportunity to buy a
PREMIUM package that includes individual bonuses for children and teachers. Premium
package includes a reward of 60 Euros (10 pupils / 1 participating teacher / 1 reward),
including a new TABLET (minimum of 40 children) that will serve you throughout the school
year. PREMIUM package price is 15 Euros per pupil.
The dates of the skiing trips are by agreement and by order. Possibility to edit the deadline. In
case of interest, the dates will also be in December 2017 and April 2018 depending on the
snow conditions.
We are looking forward to you!