Why us?

Dear our clients!
In March 2017, we took over Hotel Lomnista, which is currently undergoing interior and
exterior modifications in order to prepare the hotel so that we can operate on the market of
hotel facilities focusing on various types of stays for children, pupils, students and families
throughout the Slovakia. In this regard, we are pleased to invite you to cooperate in
organizing such group events as: resident outdoor school, ski courses, school trips, summer
camps, family stays or stays for seniors.
We will implement the stays to fit the current conditions and demands of our smallest clients
as well as adults. Through careful staff, we try to ensure quality services. The location of the
hotel, its size and surroundings allows us to offer our clients plenty of interior and exterior
possibilities for various leisure, sports and other leisure activities, not only for children, pupils
and students, but also for parents or teachers who are an integral part of all stays with
children. We want to provide you with innovative methods and forms of teaching within
resident outdoor school, not only through teaching right in the heart of Law Tatras nature, but
also through first-rate animators who will take full advantage of your pupils and children in
the form of creating an interesting leisure time program, already mentioned resident outdoor
schools, but also during summer camps, school trips and, of course, family stays, to ensure
relaxation for you all.
Winter stays do not get you without certified ski instructors who will break you from the
tough skiing lessons, making you a skiing stay for you not only a duty but also a pleasant
Interesting is the creation of a special bonus package that includes individual bonuses and
benefits not only for children in the form of facultative outings and incentives, but also for
educators, through a financial bonus as an interesting part of this package.
Our main goal is for our clients to create a pleasant atmosphere and give them as much active
and passive relaxation as possible.
Why you should choose us?

  • We are focused on the satisfaction of all our clients (children or adults).
  • For clients, we provide complex, even standard services.
  • We cook excellent home-made meals that, in addition to excellent taste, fulfil all the
    stated criteria.
  • We offer more than 25 outdoor and indoor activities right in the hotel and its surroundings.
  • For children, we provide a safe environment in the forests and meadows of the Low Tatras, where they can play without disturbance and any urban influences and threats.

We believe that after reading these lines, you will look our website with an interest so you can
book your chosen stay.